28/08/17 - 13:00h - Stefania M.


Ionian Islands (Greece)


Simply wonderful holidays thanks to the ability of the skipper to coordinate the needs of a "italo-Spanish" crew, always available, collaborative and creative in any situation. Simply, thanks for everything.



25/08/17 - 11:25h - Daniela M.


Ionian Islands (Greece)


Great vacation by sailboat! Most of the crew was very friendly and the skipper too. The places were wonderful and surprising.



24/08/17 - 16:40h - Mario L.


Ionian Islands (Greece)


Roger is a very kind, attentive and helpful person. You are always very attentive to the safety of the participants and the boat, making you feel as if you were at home! He always plans to do everything possible to improve coexistence between fellow travelers. We have all been from God and much is due to the fact that Roger is really interested in the well-being of everyone and that he personally participates in the fun. I had already been to the ship many times, but with him as a skipper, I will remember it as one of my best experiences. Thanks again Roger!



20/08/17 - 18:30h - Annamaria R.


Ionian Islands (Greece)


Perfect vacations! Roger is a good skipper, friendly and very attentive with the needs of the members of the group.



06/04/16 - 14:22h - Daniela


A very fun experience


A very fun experience, specially because the captain explained us everything about the sprockets, the boat and the different areas visited. I really had a great time and the truth is that I would repeat the experience for sure.


29/02/16 - 08:07h - Modesto Carretero Carreño


Everything perfect

Everything ok, perfect! The activity was very successful and the onboard staff very friendly, which made the ride very enjoyable! Highly recommended for people of all ages.


28/09/15 - 11:03h - Aurora Fernández Moreno


We enjoyed a phenomenal weekend


We enjoyed a phenomenal weekend. Dani, the skipper, did it easy for us to be satisfaced. Without any doubts, to repeat with Yumping and Ítacadventure. Thank you!


14/07/15 - 16:33h - Claudia Baez


Awesome sunset

Everything was excellent. Albert, the captain, was a genius. We really had a great time. We enjoyed the sunset of Barcelona. Impressing!  el recommendable to do with a cloudy day, it is much more appreciated!! Just keep it up, thanks!


04/11/14 - 10:30h - Javi, Guardiola


Very well


The captain really friendly, attentive and the sailboat in good conditions. Everything as agreed. He explained us everything about Barcelon, the sea... Really good!



27/06/14 - 07:57h - Esteve Carbonell


Great activity


Great activity, the sailboat in well conditions and the captain really friendly and professional. We will repeat someday for sure.


11/02/13 - 15:05h - Josué Barbadilla


I would recommend it

Really happy, the treatment was excellent. I would recommend it without any doubts.


19/08/11 - 09:01h - Glòria


Menorca and Mallorca

We went to Mallorca and Menorca with some friends and it was great!. We really had a great time and were one of the most different experiences I ever did. The truth is that I will repeat in other destinations or maybe in the same one! Super recommendable travelling by sailboat!!!



14/12/15 - 14:08h - Daniel López Pérez


Perfect organization and exceptional treatment

Perfect organization and exceptional treatment. What is more, the installation were in good conditions and the place was perfect. I really recommend it. Great job!


24/02/15 - 08:39h - Esther Marquès Jordà


An experience to repeat


Really good communiaction at all times. A great experience, the heated bikes were really appreciated. The site very nice and quiet, where you can really enjoy driving. An experience to repeat!


03/02/15 - 14:38h - Jessica Navero


The service was really good


Really good service. The speed in answering questions and the attention received was very good too, I recommend it.


28/05/13 - 19:30h - Patricia




Both the treatment of the staff of the company and the activity itself was perfect!



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